What Are Cart Tippers?

Many people call cart tippers by other names including bin dumpers, trash can dumpers, and garbage can dumpers. Regardless of what you call them, cart tippers are an essential ergonomic tool. Cart tippers safeguard workers, increase efficiency, and prolong the life of products by making certain material handling jobs easier. These tools are usually disregarded outside of a few specific areas.

When you think about industrial cart tippers, you typically think of one thing: garbage disposal. After all, it’s right in the name — and they really are terrific devices for emptying bins or trash cans, for they can deliver an outstanding return on investment in these applications.

These machines are not confined to trash disposal applications, though. Cart tippers have a variety of other workplace purposes you might not have considered, and by employing them to their maximum capacity, you can run an efficient and ergonomically sound organization. For example:

  1. Food Production

Industrial-scale food manufacturing generally includes dumping large-volume materials into hard-to-reach vats. Managers may not consider the utility of cart tippers in this context, especially when the materials involved aren’t exceptionally dense.

However, a lightweight, manually operated cart tipper can considerably enhance productivity in this scenario, safely lifting bins containing up to 65 kg. The ease of use, low maintenance requirements, and ergonomic benefits pay up rapidly in food production applications (where staff efficiency needs to be carefully regulated to assure dependable profitability).

  1. Conveyor-Based Workflows

If your firm requires bulk assembly or quality inspection, a cart tipper can enhance production rates dramatically. Speed is not the only benefit; by giving quick access to things housed in upright bins with modest footprints, cart tippers can free up important space on the manufacturing floor.

A battery-powered cart tipper is appropriate for heavier goods, and it can empty bins full with up to 150 kg volume in only 20 seconds. Thanks to a sealed battery and integrated industrial charger, maintenance expenses and workforce are kept minimum.

  1. Liquid Transfer Applications

Emptying oil and other drums can be tough, considering the increased density and volatility that liquid adds to the equation. Furthermore, in certain instances, a machine may not give all the requisite lifting power. If your workflow is one of these, consider the more robust Dumpmaster.

With a lifting capacity of 300 kg, this machine can handle bins and drums of nearly any shape and size. The Dumpmaster is also highly customizable so that, regardless of your business’s needs, it can be produced to fit smoothly into your operation. A wide choice of power options takes this personalization even further, reducing the need for specialized power equipment.

Cart Tippers from Reaction Distributing

We have a comprehensive choice of cart tipper designs and capacities that, in most cases, fit any of the compactors featured in our portfolio. Cart tippers provide our clients with an affordable method to drastically lower their total trash handling operation risk. Tippers reduce the need to handload trash into the compactor, and hence they eliminate the usual lifting-related injuries that can (and do) often occur. They promote a safer working environment, minimize the labour strain generally connected with the treatment of the waste stream internally, and lower the liability exposure for the employer.cart tippers

Cost Benefits of Using Cart Tippers

The financial benefits of adopting cart tippers are numerous and compelling. After all, to obtain more — whether in the office or throughout numerous other stops — it’s necessary to get the most out of every minute. That’s when the true cost benefits of using cart tippers come to life. So, read on to discover more about the major expense reductions from using cart tippers and what you need to know.

The financial benefits of adopting cart tippers begins with a simple principle: they make physical work a lot less taxing. Here’s how it works. By lowering the amount of labour needed to load and unload, cart tippers take a large amount of time and effort out of the equation. Because of this very clear truth, here’s how this converts into cost savings benefits for you:

  1. They are labour enhancers. With the help of a single cart tipper, a worker may accomplish significantly more. There will be an inherent increase in productivity with lower labour costs when more units are on hand.
  2. Cart tippers minimize stress significantly. As a result, workers experience less weariness, and there are fewer workplace injuries.
  3. They maximize the amount of work that can be done. Cart tippers let business owners make the most of their available space, resulting in fewer units that are only partially full.

As you can see, using cart tippers has significant financial advantages. For more information, visit Reaction Distributing online or call us today at (905) 426-6442.