How we can help

Reaction Distributing Inc. offers a full range of waste handling systems design consulting services to assist owners, contractors and developers in solid waste handling systems. Whether our clients require turnkey systems for industrial applications, residential high rise or ICI applications our team of designers has the ability to create the all-inclusive designs that minimize current and future waste handling costs, integrate fully into the foot print of the building and minimize the impact of the project on the environment both now and in the future.

Solutions for Architects

Building design analysis: Our team has consulted on hundreds of new building projects and they understand the often complicated interaction between the waste handling equipment, the building envelope and the future tenants and/or staff. Our best practices approach will ensure a cost effective equipment package that delivers maximum return with a minimum impact on overall space.

Solutions for Consultants

Project analysis: Whether the project is simple or complex our team can identify the major obstacles and provide an all-encompassing solution to maximize equipment efficiency and minimize future operational stress.

Solutions for Business Owners

System analysis: Our consultants have completed hundreds of site visits for companies throughout the country. We understand best practices for a cost effective waste program, what works, and what doesn’t.  This ability enables our team to identify current problems and create equipment solutions to eliminate them forever.

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