The All Inclusive Rental Program

Don’t feel like buying? We have developed a rental program for you.

Key client benefits

The all inclusive equipment rental program is truly unique to and only available from Reaction Distributing Inc. It offers our clients benefits that cannot be realized through either standard leasing programs or outright purchasing options. Some of the program’s key benefits are outlined below:

  • Maintenance and service is included for the duration of the rental program
  • Installation of the equipment is included
  • Freight of the equipment to your site is included
  • The hopper, chute or weather enclosure of your choice
  • An annual preventative maintenance inspection
  • The equipment is removed at the end of the rental period and replaced with new equipment when the original rental agreement is renewed
  • Our clients are always assured of having state of the art equipment that is in excellent working condition
  • Our service network is available seven days a week and will respond to all service calls within 2 to 4 hours of receipt of the call
  • Pre-installation site inspection and consultation
  • Onsite training and comprehensive operating instructions
STH 40 XHD Universal

Our clients’ responsibilities

  • Provide the electrical service required to operate the equipment that will be installed. The service will include the installation a fused disconnect within 1 meter of the final proposed panel location. Typically the service will consist one of the following:
    208V – 3 phase, 230V – 3 phase, 460V – 3 phase, 575V – 3 phase
  • Have a qualified electrician on site to make the final connection to the control panel while the crew is completing the installation of the equipment.
  • Electrical system maintenance, fuses, etc.
  • All taxes where applicable
  • Insurance coverage
  • Provide a concrete pad for the equipment to be installed on (recommended)
  • Provide the name of the waste hauler for us to confirm the compactor/container rail spacing with.

The Value in Renting:

Today, companies are re-thinking the option of renting verses owning their waste handling and recycling equipment. They also are beginning to understand that their waste disposal decisions have a significant impact on their overall business objectives.

Consider, for example, how waste disposal affects your business. If you now own your equipment, you may be tying up more time and money in maintenance, paperwork and extra costs than you realize. Even if you are leasing, you may want to carefully examine your total waste disposal costs as the same issues apply.

Clients have discovered that they can significantly lower the on going operating costs of their equipment, while increasing efficiency, by choosing the “All Inclusive Rental” option. This assists them in using their hard earned capital in an effective manner to enhancing productivity and thereby increasing overall profitability. The first step in determining whether or not the rental program is truly the best option not only for today but also for the future is to determine the true cost and value of the rental program.


A Strategy for Success

Each of our clients is unique and although they each have challenges that are also unique. However, their overall waste handling needs are more often than not very similar. For example, there is often no individual that can truly determine what system or systems would truly meet their needs. Reaction Distributing Inc. and its “All Inclusive Rental Program” can handle situations such as this and we can complete these tasks more cost effectively than their own internal structure may allow. Equipment maintenance and service is a very common practice that is necessary to keep the waste handling equipment functioning correctly. Very often due to the lack of staff or capital this work cannot be handled in house. By providing these services, the “All Inclusive Rental Program” can decrease downtime and reduce associated costs.