11 Reasons to Buy a Commercial Trash Compactor

  1. Prevent illegal access – Unauthorized staff who may be filling your dumpster with their rubbish cannot simply access a trash compactor, unlike a regular dumpster or trash can. You can also check when the machine is running, for how long, and other crucial statistics using compactor monitoring, in order to help you manage your employees and operations.
  2. Minimize staff theft – Indoor trash compactors eliminate the need for employees to leave the facility unattended, lowering the danger of employee theft.
  3. Reduce garbage odours – Some garbage compactors are liquid-tight and air-tight. For some trash compactors, air sanitizers are also available.
  4. Eliminate vermin and insect infestations – Rubbish compactors that are air-tight will prevent vermin or insects from invading your trash and creating difficulties. This helps to alleviate the health risks associated with infestation.
  5. Remove litter caused by wind-blown debris – Loose rubbish in dumpsters and bins can easily blow away and cause litter. Trash that has been compacted will remain in place.
  6. Minimize fire risks – Using a trash compactor to properly manage your trash can lessen the risk of fire caused by unsecured or overflowing rubbish.
  7. Make your space more appealing – With less trash visible, your business or facility will appear cleaner, more sanitary and more pleasing. This helps with branding and enhances the overall consumer experience.
  8. Conserve important space (inside and out) – Compacting your waste will help you save space on the floor as well as in the dumpster. You may be amazed how much space a commercial trash compactor saves.
  9. Improve liquid waste management – Liquid-tight enclosures are available on some compactors, allowing both wet and dry garbage to be compacted and disposed in a clean and sanitary manner.
  10. Increase employee productivity and lower labour costs Your employees will save time by not having to “take out the trash” or deal with overflowing trash cans or dumpsters; this will allow them to focus on more vital activities.

Reduce waste collection and transportation costs to save money Your trash haulers will not need to collect your trash as frequently now that it has been compacted, saving you money on your waste management costs overall. You also reduce carbon emissions by pulling fewer trash cans per month. 

Why Are Commercial Compactors Important?

Here are a few broad reasons why commercial compactors are critical in the waste management industry:

Time and money are saved

Commercial garbage compactors help businesses save money on waste management. These compactors also save your company money in terms of time and other expenses. Trash compactors reduce trash by a factor of three. For example, if you have an open-top container that collects your trash, you will spend $180-$200 per week, whereas a commercial compactor will cost you just $240-$300 per month. You’ll haul far less rubbish with the help of commercial compactors than you would with an open-top container. As a result, you will be able to save money.

More opportunities arise as a result of eco-friendly decisions

Commercial waste compactors contribute to the company’s environmental efforts as well. When you start controlling your company’s waste, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your co-workers and business partners will become aware of this and appreciate your efforts. Waste management that is effective also aids in ISO certification. Because most firms prefer to work with ISO-certified companies, this will lead to more business for you.

Commercial Compactors Important

Reduction in volume

Commercial waste compactors can help you save more room at work. Waste is compacted into small, manageable cubes or bales using these compactors; these cubes or bales are significantly easier to transport. Aside from saving space, they also save money on human labour, lowering the cost of your waste management system.

Reduced dangers

The reduction in hauling activities results in a reduction in waste collection truck loading at the site. Commercial trash compactors lower the risk of workplace accidents linked with solid waste handling. As a result of improved waste reduction, the risk of fire at the workplace is also reduced.

Another advantage of employing professional compactors is that they safeguard the site’s ecology and keep it cleaner. Compaction is one of the most sanitary methods of waste disposal. These commercial garbage compactors also assist in the reduction of odours and rat infestation at the location.


Commercial compactors secure and protect your company’s confidential information. This safeguards your one-of-a-kind products and ensures your company’s market visibility.

The solution that is right for you

This is the most crucial feature of compactors. There is a trash compactor that is right for your situation. Reaction Distributing offers a wide range of garbage compactors and equipment including vertical trash compactors, stationary trash compactors, chute-fed compactors, self-contained compactors, pre-crusher compactors and more. We have compactors that provide customized solutions based on your needs throughout any number of applications.

For your best selection in commercial trash compactors, speak to your friendly experts at Reaction Distributing. Give us a call at 1-866-244-0009 today.