Scope of work issued by the client: as a result of the increase in internal waste handling costs due to strong market demand for their products McCormick Canada needed to rethink its waste handling strategies and automate the internal waste handling process. After numerous planning meetings with R.D.I. it was decided to streamline the waste handling process by reducing the volume of the major waste stream components through the introduction of new waste handling equipment and new internal waste handling procedures. Limited space required R.D.I. to design systems that were as compact as possible; while still providing the McCormick with the level of automation they required. Safety was also a high priority and the overall design included light curtain based safety systems that maximized the level of protection for the employees. Due to the uniqueness of the products manufactured at their facility (spice blends) the equipment design also had to incorporate a high capacity air filtering system that would handle any/all dust created in the handling of the waste inside the new systems.