Open-top Containers


All of the Tri-Pak open top containers are designed to accommodate specific payloads and industries from standard mixed trash requirements to scrap steel and everything in between. Each container type (bathtub and rectangular) has been specifically engineered to meet/exceed the typical load ratings experienced in these industries and a Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) has been completed to ensure compliance. Each model is available in a wide range of capacities from 20 cubic yards to 50 cubic yards with a multiple if different under structures including Heil, Hook-lift and Universal.

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Technical Details


SH-202020′- 0″7′- 0″4′-10″4′- 0″
SH-303020′- 0″7′- 0″5′-10″5′- 0″
SH-404020′- 0″7′- 0″8′-0″7′- 4″
SH-505024′- 0″7′- 0″8′-2″7′- 4″
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