Custom Commercial and Industrial Compactor Solutions

Our commercial and industrial compactors are made to fit your needs. They can reduce the size and volume of materials, which can lead to fewer hauls. Most of the time, this leads to big waste savings. Each compactor is set up for your business and made to handle a wide range of waste streams. Our team of experts will help you find a good commercial trash compactor which fits your needs.

Benefits of Compactors

  • Fewer hauls are likely
  • Safety and security improves
  • Improved looks and aesthetics
  • More space that can be used

Reaction Distributing’s goal has always been to give you equipment that lowers your costs both now and in the future. We are the only company in Canada that makes equipment which can do any job. Because of this, we are the only company that can really meet the needs of equipment buyers.

Maximizing Our Compactors

One often thinks that all compactors do the same thing. You put trash in it and then crush the trash into a container that comes with it; this reduces the amount of trash. The trash is then taken away to be thrown away in the right way.

Under the surface, it’s not as simple as this. The type of trash your business puts in the compactor determines the safety risks, space needs, and hauling schedules you deal with daily. You can cut costs if you buy a heavy-duty commercial compactor made from high-quality materials.

Changes that can be customized include better safety, more space and fewer trips. A reliable compactor also makes facilities look better and reduces bad smells.

Meeting Your Requirements

Our commercial garbage compactors are self-contained and come with everything they need for both dry and wet jobs. Our industrial compactors are very modern and have a lot of storage space so you can pack more trash or recyclables at once.

Our stationary industrial trash compactors use solar energy to eliminate dry waste like metal, wood, and other things that can’t be recycled. These top-of-the-line garbage compactors reduce the volume of your solid waste to a small fraction of what it began as and cut your energy costs simultaneously.

Choose Reaction Distributing Commercial and Industrial Compactors

Reaction Distributing - Custom Commercial Compactors Reaction DistributingTri-Pak Environmental Systems was bought in 1999, and since then, the whole production line has been updated and improved to include both residential high-rise recycling systems and horizontal balers. Reaction Distributing has everything a buyer needs: an apartment compactor, a transfer station, a wet waste compactor or a recycling baler.

Our compactors and balers have high-tech parts (like PLCs and current sensors) that make them work well. Reaction Distributing has become the top company in Canada because it has an ongoing product development program which has led to cutting-edge technology being added to all of its products.

Every unit we build is CSA-approved and meets all current ANSI and OSHA standards. Our turnkey system approach to each project makes sure all of our client’s needs are met by the equipment. Reaction Distributing is the best company to hire if you want the best.

For more information on our top-of-the-line custom commercial compactors, please call us at (888) 722-4743 or visit online today.