Trash, recycling and food waste collection equipment

It’s critical for your company’s operations to have the correct size and type of indoor and outdoor garbage collection and transportation equipment. The right equipment can boost your trash diversion program’s efficiency, protect worker safety and decrease contamination. Your hauler may provide some of this equipment, while others may need to be purchased by your facility. This article gives an overview of hauler-provided collection equipment, and equipment for collecting and moving materials within your facility. The best equipment for your facility will differ depending on the type of business, waste stream, space constraints and other considerations.

Your hauler’s container services


Depending on the service options accessible in your location, your hauler may offer to frontload and/or rear load the dumpsters. These dumpsters’ service trucks will collect and aggregate similar materials from multiple places.

Small and medium-sized enterprises such as restaurants, apartment complexes and retail stores frequently employ dumpsters. They’re usually kept in a parking lot or a fenced-in corral outside.


Wheeled carts, also known as “rear load” or “side load” carts, are two-wheeled containers commonly used in residential collection programs. However, small businesses like coffee shops, small-scale eateries, offices, retail locations, and multi-tenant commercial buildings usually have their own cart. Wheeled carts are most often found in 32-gallon, 65-gallon and 96-gallon capacities, and are ideal for facilities that want to move the collection container about.

Carts can be used for trash, recycling and food waste programs; however, they are not advised for collecting flattened cardboard due to the shape of the container. Your hauler will normally provide wheeled carts, but you may also buy extra carts from a source to utilize the indoors for different material stream gathering. If you’re attempting to fit four 96-gallon carts into outside trash, keep in mind that just one 2-yard dumpster is about the same size as four 96-gallon carts. Carts can be manually compacted into dumpsters, or hydraulic cart tippers can be used.

Containers with open tops and compactors

Compactors and open-top containers are categorized as roll-off services, and are commonly used by businesses which create high volumes of trash and recycling. Waste haulers collect and deliver these containers to a final destination such as a commercial compost, recycling, or building site. Roll-off trucks that service large containers take up a lot of room. Although haulers can provide compactors or open-top containers, your company can also buy them outright.


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Types of compactors by use

Reaction Distributing Inc Garbage Collection EquipmentSelf-contained compactors are typically seen in supermarkets, hospitals and apartment complexes; they are intended to collect wet objects such as trash or food waste. They are also frequently altered to meet the specific requirements of a company. The receiver box and power unit are taken from the site, emptied, and returned within the same load when serviced. It’s important to note that this means you won’t be able to use the compactor for a while.

Breakaway compactors are used for dry waste such as cardboard and other recyclables, and these compactors are commonly used by large merchants, manufacturers and other industrial facilities. The receiver box is swapped out or emptied and returned after the roll-off vehicle arrives to service the compactor.

Dual-stream compactors include two compartments, allowing for the independent collection of trash, recycling, and food waste in the same device. They’re frequently employed when there’s only enough room for one compactor, yet the firm generates a lot of rubbish from two separate sources. Their compartments are lockable, allowing material to be conveniently emptied at various processing facilities.

6 benefits of a trash compactor service

  • It makes it easier to handle, collect and transport rubbish
  • It cuts down on the amount of rubbish you have on hand
  • It reduces the health dangers which come with waste pile-ups (and workers attempting to control dumpsters)
  • It reduces the risk of rubbish being a safety threat
  • It boosts the image of your company due to less waste on the grounds
  • It helps you save money on waste and recycling

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