Design, fabricate and install five complete waste handling systems for three closed landfill sites..


  1. Designing systems that were able to process standard municipal waste at remote locations throughout Madawaska Township. The receiver containers had to be interchangeable with each system at each location.
  2. Operating systems had to be designed/developed that ensured the safety of the operators as well as the general public.
  3. Security was one of the most important considerations and all systems had to meet the following minimum requirements.
    1. Provide vandal proof equipment to reduce/eliminate the likelihood of deliberate damage during non-operating hours. The sites are remote, not fenced and have no security patrols watching over them.
    2. Each system had to be bear proof since bears, raccoons and other scavengers frequent the sites.
    3. The overall design had to provide the Township with the peace of mind that their due diligence requirements had been met with respect to safety and security and that they had no liability exposure whatsoever.