SPH-XWM Self-Contained Compactor


The SPH-XWM is a self-contained or “portable” compactor that is specifically designed for waste streams that contain a large percentage of wet waste. The self-contained compactor will contain all of the waste stream liquids in the unitized container and prevent/eliminate seepage. Each compactor is manufactured with fully welded seams, contains a 4″ liquid sump area and is equipped with a dump door that contains a full perimeter flexible “T-seal”. This seal prevents any migration of liquids between the container door frame and the door itself. This model is available in a wide range of capacities from 15 to 38 cubic yards and can be customized to fit our clients individual needs. This model has one unique advantage over the standard SPH-X compactor. The clear top or “charge opening” is significantly larger 46″ x 70″ than the SPH-X (42″ x 60″); which enables it to handle more waste per ram cycle as well as larger individual waste items within the waste stream itself.

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Technical Details

Standard Features

  • UL/CSA Approved Design
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI Z245.2 regulations
  • Meets/exceeds OSHA regulations
  • PLC “flex-design” based control systems
  • NEMA 4 rated enclosure
  • Internal timers prevent system run-on
  • Self-diagnostic indicators
  • 24-volt controls
  • Adjustable multi-cycle timer
  • 75% and 100% full light
  • Auto-alert maintenance mode
  • Heavy duty oil-tight pushbutton controls
  • Key lockable start pushbutton

Mechanical Specifications

Charge Chamber Volume 2.2 2.2 2.2
Charge Chamber Opening Size 46″ x 70″ 46″ x 70″ 46″ x 70″
Ram Face Size 27″ x 70″ 27″ x 70″ 27″ x 70″
Ram Penetration 6″ 6″ 6″
Compaction Force Normal 50,280 lbs 50,280 lbs 50,280 lbs
Compaction Force Maximum 55,264 lbs 55,264 lbs 55,264 lbs
Cycle Time 47 seconds 47 seconds 47 seconds
System Pressure Normal 2000 psi 2000 psi 2000 psi
System Pressure Maximum 2200 psi 2200 psi 2200 psi
Pump Capacity 10 gpm 10 gpm 10 gpm
Motor Size 10 hp 10 hp 10 hp
Cylinder Size 2 x 4″0 2 x 4″0 2 x 4″0
Cylinder Type Double Acting Double Acting Double Acting
Ram Face Pressure Normal 26.2 psi 26.2 psi 26.2 psi
Ram Face Pressure Maximum 28.7 psi 28.7 psi 28.7 psi
Oil Tank Capacity 30 gal 30 gal 30 gal
Shipping Weight (Head only) 12,500 lbs 12,800 lbs 13,400 lbs

Electrical Specifications

Control System 110 volt 60 cycle powered by step-down transformer
Control Panel Fully wired. Keyed start button, emergency stop, full lights, reset button, PLC, dual current sensors
Power 208/230/575 Volt, 3 Phase 60 Cycle


XWM30 266″ 102″ 102″ 45″ 46″ 70″
XWM34 281″ 102″ 102″ 45″ 46″ 70″
XWM38 306″ 102″ 102″ 45″ 46″ 70″

Optional Equipment


  • Advance-warning light
  • Fluid-filled pressure gauge
  • Oil heater
  • Odour control system
  • Open hopper (for top or loading dock)
  • Fully enclosed hopper with door
  • Through the wall installation kits
  • Walk-on or drive-on decks
  • Safety gate
  • Hydraulic cart-dump systems

Electrical system upgrades

  • System monitor: SCADA panel (add-on panel or integrated upgrade) provides cell-based monitoring of all systems including container fullness, safety circuit devices, container positioning, hydraulic system devices including reservoir fullness, oil temperature and system in-use time
  • Remote start/stop station
  • Auto-start system (photo-eye or sonic sensor)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Biometric interface
  • HMI based operator interface for tie into building monitoring systems

Hydraulic system upgrades

  • Single phase and three phase power units
  • Hi-lo hydraulic pumps for reduced cycle time applications
  • Regen circuit for improved hydraulic fluid circulation
  • Over-sized oil reservoirs to accommodate ancillary devices and improved heat sink
  • Oil cooler for high duty cycle applications
  • Bio-degradable oil
  • In tank oil heater
  • Sonic sensors for oil fullness monitoring
  • Low temperature oil (as low as -60 Celsius is available)

Compactor upgrades

  • Custom chute systems
  • Custom weather enclosures
  • Drive-on deck systems (certified up to 20,000 lbs.)
  • Tongue and grooved floor designs
  • AR plate floors and sides for reduced press head/compactor shell wear
  • Pad-less set-up for installation on asphalt
  • Custom hydraulic cart tipping systems
  • Light curtain-based safety sensors
  • Custom steel safety barriers
  • Custom hydraulic lift systems
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