What are commercial trash compactors?

Commercial garbage compactors are similar to industrial balers in that they process non-recyclable waste. A hydraulic or pneumatic press feeds the waste into the input chamber and then exposes it to great pressure. Once treated, the waste’s volume is substantially decreased, making it easier to handle and carry, since compacted rubbish requires fewer hauling rounds. You can choose a compactor with an automatic loading facility to cut running costs and your reliance on labour.

7 major benefits of Reaction Distributing commercial compactors

  1. Commercial compactors help you save money
    You’re paying the greatest possible waste removal fee per cubic yard, if you use open rubbish bins. On the other hand, switching to commercial compactors can lower your trash volume by 75 percent, resulting in a 75 percent reduction in garbage hauling costs.

  2. They improve your commercial appearance
    Nothing detracts from the appearance of your property like unsecured trash flying across it (and finding a new home in your fencing or landscaping). Your solid waste is confined inside a closed container with your commercial compactors, making tumbleweeds of garbage a thing of the past.

  3. Commercial compactors eliminate noxious odours
    There is nothing quite like the smell of wet rubbish roasting in the hot summer sun to make your stomach turn. On the other hand, commercial compactors can keep that stomach-churning rubbish contained within a leak-proof container, with any extra liquid caught and routed to a drain. The issue of odours is easily solved.

  4.  They get rid of pests
    Open garbage cans attract pests of many sorts such as bees, which are attracted to foul-smelling honey. However, you can safeguard your rubbish with commercial compactors, keeping undesirable flies, cockroaches, bees, raccoons, rodents, and other pests at bay.

  5. They reduce the amount of damage caused by fire
    Garbage fires are often unavoidable, but they don’t have to be. Commercial compactors enclose flammable items in an airtight container, reducing the risk of a fire.

  6. They reduce the amount of wear and strain on your pavement
    When those big, heavy garbage trucks come calling, they wear down your cement and asphalt. However, by compacting your solid waste and lowering your rubbish collection schedule from five or six days per week to just one, you can extend the life of your costly infrastructure.
  1. Dumpster divers are outlawed
    It’s a simple fact of life: if your trash isn’t secured, someone will steal it for their personal use or resale; they may also suffer serious injuries as a result of their actions. You prevent yourself from a significant liability risk by securely storing your solid trash in commercial compactors.

Be sure you choose Reaction Distributing

Commercial Compactors Reaction Distributing IncAre you re-evaluating your current waste processing methods using too much of your time, money, and other precious resources? Are you considering a decision to purchase garbage compactors and reap the perks that come with them? Here’s what you can expect from Reaction Distributing:

  • A happy wallet. By compacting waste with our machines, you save money that would otherwise go toward hauling costs. You also save money on fuel and time.
  • Operating in a more environmentally friendly manner. Compacting recyclable waste aids in the achievement of a “better-for-the-environment” approach and makes green living a reality. It also aids in the reduction of landfill areas.
  • Odour-free and sanitized environment. Our compactors, equipped with a unique air sanitizing system and anti-rodent/fly technology, eradicate the bad stench of leftovers and keep rats, bugs, and other scavenger species out. They keep the surrounding environment clean, healthy and odour-free.
  • Convenience and ease. Our compactors are simple to use and maintain, allowing you to streamline your waste management processes. It only takes one press of the COMPACT button to transform your annoying junk into compact, readily managed waste cubes.

More information on commercial compactors can be found at reactiondistributing.com or by giving us a call at (866) 244-0009 today.