Garbage smells! No one likes taking out the trash. Of course, you will have less trash if you make less trash. But if you buy a commercial trash compactor from Reaction Distributing, you can not only make less trash, but it will also be less of a bother.

Reaction Distributing offers a wide range of trash compactors for businesses including indoor compactors, vertical compactors, stationary compactors and self-contained compactors. These can be fed by hand or set up with chutes, doghouses, tippers, dock-level setups and other things. We have many ways to help you get the job done right every time, no matter what you need. If you need more proof that a compactor can help your business and give you a good return on your investment, here are several valid reasons why you should change how you handle your commercial waste:

10 Reasons To Invest in a Commercial Trash Compactor

  • Prevent unauthorized access or disposal – A trash compactor is not like a regular dumpster or trash can because it is difficult for people who shouldn’t be there to open it and put their trash in your dumpster. With compactor monitoring, you can also observe when (and for how long) the machine is operating and other crucial data which may help you manage your employees and operations.
  • Reduce odors from trash – Some trash compactors seal off liquids and air to keep smells down. Some trash compactors can be bought with air cleaners.
  • Reduce vermin and insect problems – If your trash compactor is airtight, bugs and rodents won’t be able to get in and cause bigger problems; this makes it less likely that an infestation will cause health problems.
  • Eliminate litter from wind-blown debris – Loose trash can easily blow away from dumpsters and bins, making a mess. However, trash that is packed down will stay put.
  • Reduce fire hazards – With a trash compactor, you can keep your trash from getting loose or overflowing, which could cause a fire.
  • Improve the appearance of your space – Your business or building will look better, cleaner, and more appealing if there’s less trash around. This helps with your branding and makes the whole customer experience better.
  • Save valuable space – When you pack your trash, you save space on the floor (and in your trash cans). Find out how much space companies save by putting waste in a trash compactor and you’ll be impressed.
  • Gain better control of liquid waste – Some compactors have lids which keep liquids out, so that wet and dry trash can be compacted and thrown away cleanly.
  • Improve employee efficiency (reduce labour costs) – Your employees will spend less time “taking out the garbage” and managing overflowing trash cans and dumpsters, allowing them to focus on more important activities.

Save money from reduced waste collecting and hauling expenses – With the garbage compacted, your trash haulers will collect it less often, reducing your total waste management costs. With fewer garbage pickups each month, you reduce the number of carbon emissions you inflict on the environment.

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Reaction Distributing - Commercial Trash Compactor Reaction DistributingReaction Distributing Inc. was founded in 1993 to provide a “better solution” to the solid waste handling equipment industry. Each unit we construct is 100% CSA-approved and complies with all current ANSI and OSHA criteria. Our complete system approach to every project guarantees the equipment meets all of our customers’ requirements. If you want the finest, you should choose Reaction Distributing.

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