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Seven Significant Advantages of Commercial Compactors over Open Waste Bins

7 Significant Advantages of Commercial Compactors Over Open Waste Bins

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Commercial compactors have several genuinely significant advantages, which establish them as one of the leading equipment of choice for garbage management.

Therefore, if you are still using open trash cans, it is time to consider switching seriously. Here’s why:

Cutting Costs

If you choose to dispose of your trash in open containers, you will be responsible for the highest potential cost of waste disposal per cubic yard. However, if you convert to commercial compactors, you can cut the volume of your waste by up to 75%, which can translate to a decrease in the amount of money you spend on garbage removal by a similar drastic amount.

Improving the Appearance of Your Commercial Property

Having lost rubbish blow all over your property and finding a new home in your fence or landscaping is the single most effective way to make your property appear less inviting. Your solid trash is secured within a closed container whenever you use one of our industrial compactors. This eliminates your need to deal with rubbish which rolls about like tumbleweeds.

Neutralizing Obnoxious Odors

Garbage which has been soaked and left to roast in the hot summer heat is certain to give anybody an upset stomach. However, this rubbish which makes your stomach turn can be placed in a container that won’t leak if you use a professional compactor. Any extra liquid can be collected and sent to a drain if necessary. Problem fixed.

Eliminating Pests

Pests such as bees that produce honey with a particularly offensive odor are drawn to trash cans left open. You can keep flies, cockroaches, bees, raccoons, rats, and other pests at bay by securing your rubbish with a professional compactor.

Reducing Fire Damage

Fires started by garbage should be avoided, yet they do occur. Combustible materials are contained in an airtight container by commercial compactors, removing the possibility of a fire occurring.

Reducing Pavement Wear and Tear

When those large trash trucks pull up to your property, the impact they have on the cement and asphalt there can be significant. However, you can prolong the life of your pricey infrastructure by compacting your solid waste and lowering the number of days per week rubbish is collected from 5 or 6 to just one.

Preventing Dumpster Divers

It’s a plain fact of life that someone will break in and take anything they want for themselves (or to resell) if your trash cans aren’t locked. In doing so, they run the risk of suffering severe injuries. You eliminate a significant portion of the liability risk you face when you store your solid waste in a safe manner inside commercial compactors.Seven Significant Advantages of Commercial Compactors over Open Waste Bins

Given all of these things that commercial compactors can do to enhance the safety and aesthetics of a property – as well as lower expenses and reduce the risk of liability – investing in one simply makes good economic sense.

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